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5 Great Reasons To Upgrade Your Flight

When you decide to fly with Club World, you are offered the opportunity to take your journey to the next level before even arriving at your next destination, selected with Going Luxury. Here are 5 things you will really love:

1. Flavourful and 5-Star Meals

Meals served on aeroplanes is offered associated with a bad reputation, and there are good reasons why. When it comes to necessity, the aircraft galleys are not known for producing gourmet cuisine. The meals are usually bland and in some cases unappetising. In addition to this, we also experience a change when it comes to the way we taste things and our nasal passages which is caused by low humidity associated with recirculated air and the high altitudes. This is what changes your sense of smell and taste, yet it is no excuse for unpalatable food.

When you upgrade with Club World, you can enjoy three-course menus that have been meticulously composed, and crafted from locally-sourced and high-quality ingredients, which gain inspiration from fresh seasonal produce. The meals are elegantly presently, a delight for all your senses.

A variety of dietary preferences and intolerances have also been catered for, along with a balance in choices on offer which includes vegan and gluten-free options.

Even the way in which these meals are served has also undergone a re-think. You are also offered with a choice of starters, cheese plates, and desserts, along with china and glassware that give a modern and stylish look. The latest food selection along with stunning table settings that are new and upgraded will be made available to all London Heathrow routes by late 2018, and on every London Gatwick route by the early part of 2019.

2. Feel Like You are at Home, While in the Air

British Airways provides the Club Kitchen, which is dedicated space for passengers where they can choose from indulgent “naughty” treats or a selection of healthy and wholesome snacks. If you feel peckish after or before meals are served, you are allowed to venture into the galley where you can help yourself, where you will find branded chips, Cadbury’s chocolate, retro sweets, salads, fresh fruit, and sandwiches.

There are also Twining tea and infusion selections on offer, from Earl Grey and traditional English Breakfast tea to Refreshing Peppermint and Pure Green Tea infusions. There is also a new blend available from coffee artisans known as Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

3. Wine is Poetry in a Bottle

Robert Louis Stevenson once said that “wine is bottled poetry”. Stevenson is a wine expert for British Airways who curated an exquisite wine list that complements the food menu perfectly, or to enjoy a glass on its own. Both new world and old wines have been represented.

The drinks menu extends past just the wine list, where you are able to choose from premium mixers and branded spirits, along with a few options of Champagnes. Some of the popular options include Fever-Tree tonic, Tanqueray gin, Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve Whisky, Ciroc Vodka, and a few tempting apéritifs.

4. Lie-Flat and Enjoy a Peaceful Sleep

In recognition of how important sleep is, British Airways have ensured that their Club World cabins are a place where you can rest as comfortably as possible.

This begins with spacious seats that convert into fully-flat and comfortable beds. They have also included luxurious bedding which ticks every box. To ensure they paid attention to every detail, British Airways partnered with The White Company, one of the luxury homeware brands. Each passenger is offered with a soft and cosy duvet, a quilted-mattress topper, and a full-sized fluffy luxury pillow. You are also offered with a soft and luxurious blanket, and you can use all these elements in a combination that you feel most comfortable with. The linens are pure cotton with a 200-thread-count, that provides comfort and reassuring crispness. All the linen is also hypoallergenic.

5. A Sophisticated Yet Relaxing Ambience

The lighting in the Club World cabins is soft and low to assist passengers with sleep and relaxation. The service on these flights is also non-invasive, yet attentive, which is really important for those long-haul flights that take place overnight. The crew try their best to not disturb the passengers as much as possible. This is why individualised preferences will be taken down early on, which means your service is tailored to your needs.

If you prefer not sleeping on your flight, you can take advantage of the entertainment options on offer. You will have your own personal flat-screen display, along with noise-cancelling headphones, audiobooks, games, television programmes, and on-demand films.

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