July 25, 2024

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Advantages of ATM Advertising

Advantages of ATM Advertising

ATM Advertising will help foster business growth by improving customer outreach and creating a well-rounded business marketing plan. Business owners and services providers understand that advertising tools are in the state of continuous evolution.

For example: in the 90’s television and radio were effective mediums of communication with prospects, but today things have changed. Among the most powerful tools to market products and services to customers today include social media, internet, and ATM advertising.

ATM advertising is powerful, effective and surprisingly affordable.

Studies show ATM Advertising:

  • Is 65 percent less expensive
  • Approximately 200 percent more effective than direct mail
  • Can increase transaction volume by as much as 20 percent to 40 percent depending on the location

ATM Advertising Advantages:

  • Maximize your sales
  • Market your brand message
  • Increase customer outreach
  • Attract audience
  • Convert prospects into actual customers
  • Improve returns on investments
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Promote new offerings, deals, events, and products
  • Gain more customers even those who may have just come to the ATM for cash withdrawal with no intention to buy
  • Make sure that people who walk out of your business premises have something with them that serves as a reminder about your business and stays on top of their mind

4 Different Types of ATM Advertising

1. ATM Transaction Screen Advertising

Business marketing messages on ATM’s installed at different locations over an ATM Placement Service Provider Network. Marketing and broadcasting to hundreds and thousands of passers-by via premiere and high traffic locations.

2. ATM Topper Advertising

In collaboration with OOH (Out of Home) digital media network that provides businesses rich media ads that run content 24×7 on a custom 15″ LCD panel mounted on the ATM.

Ad content is uploaded and played non-stop in a looped broadcast. Cardholders using the ATM and customers passing by will see the advertisement on the mounted panel.

3. ATM Branding Wraps

This is another effective form of ATM advertising that works like magic. As the name suggests, ATM branding wraps is a marketing technique that helps custom design the ATM with branded wraps.

By using high quality branded visuals all over the ATM, businesses are easily able to advertise products and services to both new and existing customers as it instantly draws their attention. ATM branding wraps simplifies marketing and can be changed according to promotional campaigns and seasonal deals.

4. ATM Printed Receipts

Another effective way to get people talking about a business and prompt them to take action is Terminal Printed Receipt. This is also a kind of ATM advertising where you customize ATM receipts.

In this ATM advertising technique, Businesses promote merchandise or offers to cardholders on a daily basis with customized ATM receipts. Furthermore, it can also include call to action coupons. These receipts start to prompt cardholders to take the desired action the moment they reach in their hands, or wallets. It instantly advertises the business offerings and long after the ATM transaction. The receipt travels with the consumer and reminds them of the initial promotion.