December 10, 2023

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CONEXPO Highlights: New Generation of Skid Steers: Pushing Dirt to the Limit

It looks as if the entire construction spectrum involving heavy equipment is being redefined based on the new product launches at CONEXPO.  The fact that compact track loaders and skid steers are establishing themselves as the most popular product category makes it evident that heavy machine manufacturers have re-examined demand thoroughly and have enhanced their design technology of existing models that has led to the production of entirely new versatile machines.

This clamour towards creating an entirely new generation of compact track loaders and skid steers according to industry experts has been directly linked to demand for easy-to-use and more powerful machines that are able to clear land quickly, effectively and efficiently for prepping construction jobsites. Compact equipment has become the choice for meeting the varied requirements of a modern project, especially in highly populated cities such as Melbourne.

It is evident that heavy machine manufacturers have responded to the high and practical demand for land-clearing power of compact machines that are outfitted with technology that is easy-to-use in these compact track loaders, excavators or skid steers among others.

The demand according to Luke Gribble who is currently the solutions marketing manager for JD (John Deere), the demand was actually noted from heavy machine equipment rental companies that offer equipment such as rental for skid steers and excavators in Melbourne. Based on what manufacturers know is that customers want a solution that offers more dirt pushing power, ability to grade optimally or more precisely and are able to accommodate hydraulic attachments more efficiently.

The fact that the entire construction industry is witnessing a shift from construction companies using traditional excavators towards compact track loaders in terms of hiring and buying (5 – 10 % increase based on market research firms). These figures are expected to keep increasing until 2030 as manufacturers keep enhancing and improving these machines towards being more agile, more powerful and more versatile.

The main thing is that, why a dozen different machines have at a project site, when a single machine is able to do ALMOST everything that is required by the project. These powerful machines are even suitable for delicate landscaping projects according to Ray Butler the owner of Butler rental that offer various equipment for hire, including mini excavators as these machine exert low ground pressure which prevents these machines from damaging landscaped grounds.

A publication released by Equipment Today indicated that the traditional ‘bigger is better’ concept has all gone the way of the dodo bird as demand for compact track loaders are increasing. However the fact that there is demand for larger compact track loaders and skid steers, the fact remains that these machines are still categorised as compact machines and operators prefer these machines compared to standard versions. According to the operators themselves, it is easier to learn how to use these machines due to the ease of use of the technologies that have been fitted to them.

Even novice operators are currently able to grade as well as experienced operators with these new machines.