July 12, 2024

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Phases of the Job Search Cycle

Phases of the Job Search Cycle

When searching for a job it helps to think of the process as a cycle rather than a series of steps. This will allow you to constantly evolve the actions you take while performing the job search cycle as you need to due to going after different opportunities. Approaching your job hunt in the job search cycle way will make the sometimes daunting task of finding a job just a bit easier on you.

Basically there are five phases of the job search cycle. These five phases are broken down further below:

1. Get prepared: In this first phase you will need to first asses yourself and your goals. You need to figure out exactly what your skills are and what you want to do for a living. Once you have decided on what type of career you would like to peruse then you need to find out what employers in that field are looking for and what the current job market for that career filed is.

2. Get job leads: Phase two in the job search cycle is finding qualified job leads to go after. This phase requires you pulling out all the stops. You will need to network, look online at sites such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com, and you will also need to look in the newspaper. The more job leads you drum up the higher your chances of landing a job.

3. Apply for jobs: Phase three is the one that requires a good amount of time an effort on your part. Here is where you will be applying for all of the job leads you found. This phase requires you to create great looking cover letters, revamp your resume, and take the time to fill out any applications or online forms that may need to be completed.

4. Prepare for interviews: The fourth phase of the job search cycle is getting ready for all of the interviews that you will hopefully have coming your way. To do this you will need to practice what you will say and how you will say it. Interviewing yourself in front of a mirror is always a great exercise. You also need to prepare your reference list and your thank you letter ahead of any and all interviews.

5. Follow up and decide: Once you have gone through the first four phases of the job search cycle you will need to finish with the fifth phase, which is following up and deciding. Never wait too long after you have been interviewed to follow up as you may be forgotten. On the other hand, don’t call every ten minutes as you may come off as a bit annoying or pushy. Once you get a job offer it will then be up to you to either accept the job that a potential employer wants to give to you, or begin at the first phase of the job search cycle and keep going until you find what you are after.

Following the five phases of the job search cycle will not only make your job quest easier, it will also keep you better prepared no matter what comes your way.