December 10, 2023

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Speed test the Internet

How to Check Your Internet Speed

Do you have a poor Internet connection?

  • We often experience problems with the speed of Internet connection. Does a website load too slowly and you are tired of waiting? Do you need to download or upload a file to the network, but it takes an eternity? Or you decide to rest, listen to music online, or watch a video on YouTube, but even these short tracks or movies do not load. What is the matter? Begin with locating the issue, then look for a solution. Check the speed of your Internet connection first and then you can call your provider. Consider, that there is no perfect index. It depends on what you are using the network for and on the number of connected devices at once. This checking shows how quickly the data is transferred from a server to a customer and vice versa. More information is here


How to check the Internet speed?

  • Where can you check the connection? Apply the platform and do this easily. This test allows checking the speed via Wi-Fi router or mobile web. Use this tester on a computer or different mobile devices without difficulties. Make sure that VPN is off before testing. Then hit “Start” and wait a few seconds until you receive the result. 
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This platform for Internet speed test has numerous benefits

We created a tool that has a lot of advantages. Why should you choose It is available for free. No registration. The process is fast. The interface is simple and clear. Everyone can use it. Apart from the speed test, you can identify the IP, provider, and country. We have 4 servers: Asian, European, North American; the last one is a database containing recent results. Clients can save the result by exporting the screen as a graphic file. Hundreds of people take tests every day with To apply it, follow the link