July 25, 2024

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3 Things To Do Before Buying An Apartment In Oslo

Buying property in Oslo, Accommodation in Oslo

The housing market in Oslo is very competitive and pricey. If you are looking to buy a house, you need to immerse yourself in the city’s housing culture. Check out Norskeanmeldelser.no for reviews on the housing agents in Oslo. If you are buying a house and need to take out a loan, Thorn may be a massive help in making your housing dreams come true. If you want to buy a house, what are the things you need to do?

Research And Plan

Research is the first step to buying a house in any place. It would help if you found out the different types of homes around and your price range. It is a process that requires extensive planning. What you need to do first is set up a budget. You cannot budget after seeing the houses, as you may be unfavourably biased towards your pocket.

However, once you have noted down the amount of money you can spend, you should begin searching for houses. Make sure that the houses you are looking at are within your budget range. In Oslo, you will find apartments, high-rise houses, townhouses, shared buildings, among several other buildings that you can buy. Try to compare houses from different sellers so that you can maximise your satisfaction at a minimal cost.

You may also get a house loan to help you get the house. However, make sure to apply for a loan with different banks to turn the tides in your favour regarding mortgages. With your financing set and your potential home in your sights, you can achieve your dream of being a landlord. 

You should note, though, that there are different types of ownership in Oslo, which means you can only be one of them, depending on the type of property you buy. If you are the home’s sole owner, you will spend more than a shared home, a home option favoured by people with high disposable income but a low liquidity rate. In Norway, the ownership structure is classified into:

Eier/ Selveier: which means that you are entirely in control of the property. You will have to pay 2.5% of the home price as a document fee when you buy the house.

Andel: which means you are a shareholder in the ownership of the house. It has a smaller net price, but you will pay more every month. There are no document fees.

Aksjeleilighet:  also known as equity ownership. The building is rented from the housing stock firm, and you become a shareholder.

Check Out The Regulations

Foreigners can buy a house in Oslo if they have a residence permit. They can buy without a permit, but the process is more complicated, and they will need a reliable agent to help push the deal through. Interests rates on mortgages are low so that you can access loans very easily. Make sure to tick all the legal housing boxes before you move into your new home.

Pick A House And Bid

After doing the above, you can then pick the house you want to buy and bid for it. Remember, you are not the only person looking to buy the house, so make sure to bring your A-game. In Norway, you have the chance to view the property for one hour on a day you’ve set with the agent. Ask questions or raise observations with the agent during this time.

The bidding day is always the next day after the viewing day, and it can be very competitive. You cannot bid if you do not have the financial capabilities to do so. If you bid without being able to fund it, you will be fined in Norway. The process is exciting.

You can be a house owner in Oslo with the above methods. Also, make sure to hire a good real estate agent to help you out.