December 10, 2023

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The Student Guide: How to Save Money in Finland - Edunation

Being financially secure is one of the biggest concerns of people and we can’t deny the truth i.e. MONEY can save us from all the events of a financial disaster. If you have unused jewelry that is expensive and you’re going through the event of financial disaster, you must be going to sell. Selling your jewelry online, rather than going all over town looking for the appropriate customer, can be a lot easier and cheaper especially with NettiKulta. You can sell your gold or silver at fixed and rotating prices with fair rates which is beneficial for you. 

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More money means you have good control over your life

If you don’t like your boss or the environment of an organization, you can resign as you’re not comfortable working with them even if you don’t have another job lined up. With a strong bank balance, you can take vacations. If you don’t like your neighborhood, you can shift and get a new apartment. You can also meet financial problems or sudden events which require a lot of money such as any medical treatment. 

How to save money?

The convergence of flat salaries and growing daily expenses, particularly property prices, has made cutting costs more challenging than ever. There’s no need to worry when you have some tips to save money. 

  1. Set Saving Goals

Envisioning what you’re saving towards is one of the most effective strategies to save finances. Set savings goals and a timeframe to help you save more easily if you need an incentive. Do you want to go abroad for vacation but don’t have enough money? You now have a specific goal and know how much money you’ll save each month to hit it. 

  1. Track your spending

Don’t hit the target of big things in one year. Keep them long so that you can enjoy little luxuries that you need to feel good. It is better if you track your spending. This will make you aware of what costs need to be cut and what things need to spend on. 

  1. Open a savings account

A Savings account limits your access to the money you saved. Deposit all the money that is left after spending on the monthly expenditures. This way, you can save a lot of money yearly and take it out whenever you need it in an emergency. 

  1. Spend less on vacations

Though the concept is sound: instead of spending thousands on international flight tickets, look for entertaining vacations near home in your neighborhood. If you are unable to travel the distance, seek inexpensive tickets in your area.

Above all these, a good thing to do is have a planner where you note down monthly spendings and doings. This small organized page will give you better ideas.