July 25, 2024

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The Master Must Have Card – The Business Card!

The Master Must Have Card – The Business Card!

‘Contemporary times and their contemporary needs.’ If you quoted this to any business man today, while shaking hands with him he would react by saying, “So true” and probably hand over a business card to you just so you could stay in touch. The story begins right there. A business card, as a popular online printing company believes is like a ‘mini-billboard for one’s business’.

If one plans to or chooses to widen one’s market base, networking is not just essential but an imperative. The aides to the strengthening of one’s business scope in today’s commercial world are business cards. Business cards are the baby steps towards selling oneself and one’s services to the rest of the world. A lot of importance is attached to their design, outlay, content, mass production and global appeal in short.

Online printing companies have all kinds of printing options which cater to the production of these cards for circulation meant for local and global markets alike. A significant factor which shapes the future prospects of the companies is the “feel” of their business cards. Therefore it is always advisable for companies who want to go international or cater to the market of a specific country, to make good investments in the quality of their business cards.

A recent trend analysis has also observed that it wouldn’t be too shocking if one lost out on an international business partner owing to a ‘bad first impression,’ due to the poor quality of business cards. There are many companies which offer various options for different patterns and types of business cards. An exemplary option would be: 14PT UV Coated Stock, with gloss or matte finish.

Mass production and mass appeal – Important pointers

ISO Standards: On a normative daily business transaction basis, the standards set by the International Standards Organization on business affairs are generally adhered to. This applies largely to the size and dimensions of the business cards, which are tokens for wider publicity of the company.

Country standards: If the business is restricted to the dealings only in a specific country or region then one could divert from following the ISO standards and use the acceptable local standards.

English is the standard language of usage in international markets. While designing business cards which are country-specific, one could also furnish important and relevant contact details in the national, local or regional language. It doesn’t hurt one to do so but in fact could help win appreciation in that particular country or region and thereby bring forth promising and lucrative business opportunities.

So when are you taking your firm to the global arena?