June 13, 2024

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Tomorrow’s Job Starts With ‘Yes’ Today: Positive Actions to Change Your Career Direction

It’s a simple transformation, but a powerful one. Getting the job of your dreams starts with becoming the ’employee of their dreams’. This isn’t a trick, or something which you say in an interview, its more a state of mind. More specifically it’s a change in your state of mind.

Simply stated, who would you rather work with? Would you prefer to work with the guy that always finds a way to make something happen, or would you rather work with the guy who always finds a way to say, “no”? The answer is clear that you would rather work with the more positive and dynamic coworker. Not surprisingly your next boss wants to work with this person too.

You should work on being this person.

This powerful transformation takes practice. And this transformation also takes a new skill. Fortunately, you can start learning this skill today and gain that practice. Even better, you can use this practice to prove your new credential within an interview.

It’s surprising how many ways people looking for jobs manage to say ‘no’. While ‘no’ can be a valid answer to many questions, it should never be the answer that you leap to.

If asked you should always say “Yes” to:

  • Developing new skills. In fact if you are unemployed, you should be taking classes, or studying (even self-study) a specialty topic within your field. Your goal should always to be better qualified that you were when you lost your job AND better qualified than the competition.
  • Volunteer work. You should be seeking out ways to keep using your skills and making contacts within your field even when out of work.
  • Temporary work. Even if this work is below your skill level, having work makes it far easier to get work. In an interview this makes it clear that you can be flexible and can adapt.
  • Talking to people. Mentor others, have coffee, talk to people in your field. Ask them about what they like about their jobs. This informal networking keeps you aware of new job opportunities and trends.
  • Helping others. If you can help others with your skills, you will stay sharp, boost your mood (and attitude) and maybe even benefit from their help later.
  • Leadership. In professional organizations, in volunteer organizations or in your personal life leadership positions keep you connected and prove the respect that others have for you.

Practice saying “Yes” at home, in social clubs, in work situations and in your life. You will find that there is a ripple effect and you will become more effective, connected and positive. Those three attributes will lead you to the job of your dreams.